5 Things to Include in Your Monster Job Ad

Writing a job ad for Monster or any job site can be tough. The ad should be clear and concise, but not so concise that you leave out important information. The ad also should be professional but not so formal that is seems cold. It’s a good idea to set aside some time to write and rewrite your job ad to make sure that it’s professional and that is contains all the information that a job seeker will be looking for before you post it on a job site like Monster. Here are five things that you should include in every job ad that you write no matter what type of job the ad is for:

1. A descriptive title – Job seekers who are browsing job sites will be skimming through hundreds, sometimes thousands of ads. You need to create a job ad title that describes the job you are trying to fill but also will catch the attention of someone that is just skimming through job title headlines. Include the specific industry that your company is in and the nature of the job.

2. What you’re looking for – It pays to be specific when it comes to describing the type of person you want to fill the position. If the job requires that someone know particular kinds of software then list those software titles in the ad. If the job requires that the applicants be willing to work unusual hours or speak additional languages make sure that that those requirements are clear. The goal of a job ad should be to find the most qualified applicants, not just the greatest number of applicants. So the more specific you are about the qualifications you want the more qualified applicants you will find.

Post a Job on Monster3. The location of your companyMonster.com is a huge site, and if you want to attract local applicants you need to make sure that you include the location of the office if the employees are required to work on site. If off site work or working at home is allowed you should put that in the ad too.

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4. Excellent Pay - Some companies prefer not to post the exact salary of the job because they are willing to negotiate a bit in order to hire qualified professionals. If you are willing to negotiate on compensation, put a base figure in your ad and indicate that you are willing to pay more for experienced applicants. If the monetary compensation is fixed, make that clear so that you won’t have to waste time weeding out applicants later on.

5. Benefits – Benefits can be a great way to attract qualified applicants so make sure that you include them in your Monster ad. Health insurance, on site day care, even free coffee and beverages are all extras that can make your job more attractive to potential employees. Remember that you are selling your company to job seekers and in order to get the most qualified applicants, you will need to post an ad that will make your business stand out from the rest of the companies that are searching for professionals.

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