Using Monster to Find Employees Saves Your Company Money

Hiring new employees can cost businesses a lot of money. There is the cost of placing ads in newspapers, trade journals, online, and in other media. There is also the cost of the time that hiring managers and HR staff have to spend interviewing applicants and training new staff once they are hired. But there are ways to cut the costs of finding and hiring new employees while still attracting qualified professionals to fill your empty jobs. One of those ways is use Monster. On the surface the cost of placing job ads on might seem prohibitive, but when you take into account the benefits that you get by putting an ad on Monster, you’ll see that using Monster actually saves your company money.

Post a Job on MonsterOne of the ways that Monster saves your company money when it comes to hiring employees is because Monster allows you to search nationally or locally for talented professionals. When you don’t use Monster, you will have to spend large amounts of money on ad fees in print publications, radio, and other media in several different markets in order to attract the kind of professional applicants that you want. But when you use Monster, you pay just one fee and you can attract applicants from across the country or around the corner. Monster is the most well known job site online and millions of people search Monster for jobs.

Another way that Monster saves your company money during the hiring process is by pre-screening applicants for you. Now your HR professionals and managers don’t have to waste time reading thousands of resumes from unqualified applicants just to find a few qualified applicants. You can set up special requirements that you want your applicants to meet and Monster will only send you resumes from people that meet those requirements. Saving your employees time means that Monster is saving the company money. also offers online skills testing, which is a great way to weed out applicants. If the job that you have to fill requires applicants that can use a particular brand of software you can set up an online test of that software that applicants have to pass before their resumes get sent to you. That way you don’t have to waste time trying to find out if the applicant really knows the software. You can also set up basic skills training seminars so that if an applicant you really want needs a quick refresher course on a particular type of software they can get the training they need online through Monster and you won’t have to train them.

Having problems finding the right types of applicants? Searching in the wrong areas or not maximizing your hiring resources can end up costing a bundle. Use the free advice, articles and tools that Monster offers to make sure that you are getting the most out of your hiring budget. All the tools that Monster has are available to you when you post a job ad on Monster. Read more at Monster for Employers.

Monster offers valuable ways for employers to post jobs.

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