5 Reasons Why Smart Employers Post on Monster

With the job market the way it is today, finding the right employees for your company can be tough. There are millions of people looking for work, and many will apply for any open job even if it’s not in their field or even if they don’t have the right kinds of qualifications for the job. For HR personnel or anyone that is in charge of hiring at a company searching through piles and piles of resumes and applications to find potential employees that meet the criteria for the job and have the right skills can be time consuming and dull.

How can you, as an employer, find the people who are qualified for the openings that you have without having to weed through thousands of resumes? Using Monster is the best way to fill your job openings with qualified individuals who are ready to start contributing on day one. Here are a few of the reasons why smart employers who want to save time and money choose Monster to help them find employees:

Post a Job on Monster - Save $55

Post a Job on Monster1. Monster screens applicants for you – No busines sperson can afford to spend hours sorting through the resumes of people that are not qualified for the positions that are open. When you post your job openings on Monster any applicants for your position will automatically be screened. If their qualifications don’t match up to the qualifications you’re looking for, their resumes won’t make it through to your inbox.

2. Monster has the largest applicant pool – Through Monster’s consistent and smart advertising programs the site has built up a lot of name recognition. Skilled workers who are looking for work know that they can find good jobs on Monster. That gives you, as an employer, a huge pool of highly qualified applicants to draw from.

3. Monster offers tools other sites don’t – As an industry leader Monster gives employers the chance to conduct evaluation testing and preliminary online training directly through the site so that you can further screen applicants and start getting new employees trained before they arrive so that they are ready to work right out of the gate.

4. Local searching - With Monster’s state of the art website tools you can search nationwide for applicants or you can focus only on local talent. If you want to find the best local employees skip the local newspaper and head straight to Monster where you can find the best local applicant pool.

5. Search for Different Types of Employees – If you need hourly employees as well as salaried employees you can find both on Monster. Don’t split up your job search and make extra work for yourself. Use Monster to fill all of your open positions regardless of what type of positions they are. Streamlining the hiring process will save you time and money.

Going online to fill your open jobs is the smart, fast, and cost efficient way to hire the best people. More businesses use Monster to fill their open positions than any other jobsite.

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